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Chaos Packs are a simple product so there's not much more to say then they are in 9 colours, 3 sizes and fit on cigarette packs.  However they have deep associations and synchronicity as does the man that made them :) some things may need pointing out... and this about page is going to be in part about that.  Click the picture to watch the film ?

Chaos Packs

As a company in 2004 got the name from "Ch" for Charles "A" for Andrew and "Os" for Ososami , I have a 3rd name but hey you can't win'um all lol :) All the same I commissioned  A Stevens in Yeovil to manufacture the Boxes Flexo Pack in Nottingham to manufacture the bags of Chaos Packs.   The Graffiti commissioned to Soker a great guy and artist alike, the overalls #Uniform as printed in the Tshirt printers in the Galleries Bristol and a T-shirt from Vista Print and AB Cutters of Bristol made the Die Cutters; Which all came together to  produce physical sides of Chaos Packs products by Charles Andrew Oyedele Ososami.


Such a simple product has depth woven in all credit to our heavenly father God Holy God and our heavenly mother God Holy Spirit from all the work ways and wonders of your heavenly brother by any name in the flesh Charles Andrew Oyedele Ososami.

Page 47 of DOT shows the Die Cutter tool used to make some Chaos Packs 

39th birthday clip.

Chaos Packs used in the gallery display in the launch of the book Dot

Jessica Brady , the innovator and Photographer of the Book DOT and I at the Gallery display.  We are each as a dot in the big picture and connections between us draws it.  #ThankGOD. Amen.

This is a screen shot of the Apocalypse announcement, you can calculate that on the 666th day it was October 6th which I know as "Universal thank facebook day" since 2010. Thus I don't use "social media". We can find the the 1111th day is Christmas day, thus we have oneness through Christmas.
Amen. :)

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